Current Project

Current Project

Complex sub-assembly building, incl. GPS-designed equipment

Assembly of turned parts made from aluminium and polyether ether ketone Sealed to withstand pressure up to 1400 bar. Built using Viton O-rings and compression springs. Crimped using GPS-designed equipment Incl. packaging and labelling. Planned no. of units: 10,000 per month.

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Various sheet metal structures made from 3mm D01, laser-cut, straightened and then welded. Then smoothed and straightened again to ensure surface parallelism of ±0.1mm.

Other variants have threaded studs (stud welding machine) and are mounted using two sheet metal frames with foam rubber or brush strips.

Finally, the unmachined parts are coated with a special powder (conductive), packaged and labelled. No. of units: 400 per month each

This complex sub-assembly comprises 11 individual parts, which took approx. 1 year to develop. Having started out as manually bent parts made of copper, which went through various stages of evolution, the current series of bent parts are all manufactured using die-cutting/bending tools.

In this case, we have to factor in extreme environmental conditions, which is why special cables and sleeves and special plastics and connectors are used.

The cabling is pre-packaged in our cable packaging, and then placed in a mould, together with all components. All of the assembled parts are then checked for electrical current, and finally put into mailing tubes and labelled.

Planned no. of units: 10,000 per month.

Special profile made from C60, cold-rolled and straightened. Next, up to 70 bores are drilled into a length of 3 meters, tapping is completed and adapter plates are secured to the profile with a compressed-air riveter. A compactor is used to shape the ends to insert counterbores in the headpieces.

Up to 100,000 bores, 60,000 threads and 35,000 adapter plates are made and processed here for each request. No. of units: approx. 4 requests per year

Wir fertigen Peilstäbe in Serie, können die Peilstäbe jedoch ebenso effizient an Ihre individuellen Anforderungen anpassen. Produziert werden Peilstäbe aus Aluminium, Messing und Edelstahl (V2A+V4A), mit diversen Oberflächenbehandlungen. Die Gravur der Peilstäbe kann selbstverständlich in beliebigen Skalen aufgebracht werden. 

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